Eco-Save significantly reduces fuel consumption

Eco-Save is a completely new type of fuel additive

Eco-Save is a 100% organic, eco­lo­gical additive with unique fea­tures. It is suitable for use with all liquid fuels (petrol, diesel, fuel oil).

The additive devel­opment process and testing has taken over 8 years and the product is now ready for the market. It is a liquid that is added in about 1 ml for every 10 liters of fuel. Eco-Save brings more oxygen to the com­bustion process, which allows the fuel to burn more effi­ciently and save energy.


Eco-Save is a unique product for transport and industry

Reduces fuel consumption by 20-40%

Significantly reduces environmentally harmful emissions

Improves fuel combustion and cleans the engine

Improves performance

The product has been scientifically tested (Technion Institute, Haifa Israel)

Safe and useful - approved by the Israeli Ministry of Energy

Reduce emissions - recommendation of the UN Environment Council

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