Eco-Save additive pricing

Packaging sizes

The estimated price of the Eco-Save additive is approx­im­ately € 1,000 per liter. One liter is enough for 10,000 liters of fuel. Just a 20% reduction in con­sumption means a savings of around € 3,000 in fuel costs.

Eco-Save will be available in the fol­lowing packages:

  • 1 L ja 0,5 L --- trucks and buses
  • 200, 100 ja 50 ML --- vans and private cars
  • 5 ja 10 ML --- small equipment

When start using the additive, a run-in is per­formed to adapt the engine control systems to the new mixture:

  • first five refuelings double dose (2 ml / 10 liters)
  • the next five refuelings normal dose (1 ml / 10 liters)

After running-in, a final reduction in con­sumption is seen and normal dosing is used.


Reduce emissions and save on fuel costs

The product pays for itself if consumption is reduced by 7-10%. Above all, there are savings.

In addition, significantly less harmful emissions are generated.

The price of the start-up package required for the run-in is 60% of the normal price


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